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15 British Sex Words They Don't Use In America

Thursday, July 11, 2013 | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

If the British are good at one thing, it is this: creating sex words. So prolific are they, in fact, that America - arguably still the world's largest superpower - cannot keep up.

Sure, one might occasionally hear an American rattling off a phrase or innuendo he or she heard on
Austin Powers, but for the most part certain British sex words have become lost in the pond.

Here are 15 British sex words and phrases that they don't use in the United States of America.  

1. Willy (slang: penis)
2. Shag (slang: to have sex with)
3. Roger (slang: to have sex with)
4. Muff (slang: vagina)
5. Bell-end (slang: the head of the penis)
6. Arse (slang: backside. Equivalent to ass)
7. Fanny (slang: vagina. Not to be confused with the American meaning of fanny)
8. Wank (slang: masturbate)
9. Toss off (slang: masturbate)
10. Bum (slang: backside)
11. Knob (slang: penis)
12. Bugger (slang: to have anal sex with)
13. Bollocks (slang: testicles)
14. Tit-wank (slang: when a man has sex with a woman's breasts) 
15. Rumpy pumpy (slang: sexual intercourse) 

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Gloria said...

So is a "tosser" a person who masterbates? (Please forgive my ignorance- or Americanism.)

Laurence Brown said...

Typically the word "tosser" - like "wanker" - is used to described someone is a bit of an asshole. "Toss off" - like "wank" - refers to the act of masturbating.

I can't believe some of the things I get to write on my blog.

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Melissa Hill said...

I have one! "Gis us a snog then" ("give us a snog then" aka asking for a deep French kiss)

Laurence Brown said...

I was thinking of devoting a whole comparison list to kissing words, Melissa. Stay posted.

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themovetoamerica said...

Haha - this is great! I often giggle at my husband being completely lost when I try and tell him about all the words. There is also an endless list for tit, boobs, jugs, melons, love pillows etc etc ...

Molly @ The Move to America

Anonymous said...

Nosh Off (slang: blowjob)

Marcie Brooks-Smith said...

"Get your leg over" "gagging for it" "boff" "knee-trembler" "banker" .....This can go on forever.

Marcie Brooks-Smith said...

....Ok a few more:

Beef-curtains, puppies, bristols.....I can stop, or listing words. LOL!

Lyla said...

Muff is used in a America as well. Not as common, but still. Everyone knows what it means.

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